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Al West


Sales Manager Car Wash Division Simoniz USA Started with Simoniz, August 1996 and Still Going. 

I work in car washes almost every day. I love being in the field and getting dirty, or better yet getting clean! I am the team leader for 14 experienced car wash professionals in the Northeast area of the US. I’m a Car Wash Guy through and through. I strive every day to assist my customers in providing the best possible experience for their guests.  I do this by helping and consulting all aspects of our customers businesses. Operations – Production – Training – Sales – Applications - Quality, the best vehicles, clean, shiny, protected and dry. Our innovations have driven the market and we are proud

to be at the forefront of the most progressive products in the industry. We brought Tire Shine to an On Line service, Double Bond, Vision Clear and of Course Hot Wax, which on its own has driven profits for our customers north of $100 mm!

Simoniz USA, Inc.

  • Car Wash Rep New England Area. Sales and Service all types of car wash operations.

  • Car Wash Division Leader North East. Sales and Service, Build Team of Car Wash Professionals to service and help our customers and industry grow. 

Car Wash Operations

  • ScrubaDub Auto Wash Centers Boston and surrounding area. Over 10 years of management and operations. Full Serve, Exterior, Self Serve, Detail Shop, even construction of a few washes. I ran the gamut!

  • Auto Magic Car Wash of Marlborough, MA – Greeter, Car Wash attendant and supervisor. Even in high school I had the curse! 

About Me:

I’m a family man and proud of it. Married for 27 years and proud father of two great kids. I grew up and still live in Massachusetts, Love my great city of Boston and I am a die-hard Boston Sports Fan. “THE CITY OF CHAMPIONS” In my next life, I’d like to be Tom Brady…


Henry S. Richard III

“Hank” Richard

Mr. Richard has been involved in every facet of the car wash industry.  He developed real eastate projects for limited partnerships and later, oil companies including Amoco Oil. He founded Car Wash Technologies, which eventually became the U.S’s largest independent distributorship and service organization. He developed and operated retail car washes as joint ventures and limited partnerships. And currently Mr. Richard works developing strategy at one of the leading chemical manufacturers in the industry. As the New Business Development and Special Projects Director for Simoniz USA, Mr. Richard’s role at Simoniz is to analyze current channels to market throughout Simoniz’s various divisions and look for opportunities to optimize sales and market share.  He engages potential clients to analyze opportunities and jointly develop solutions that create synergy for both organizations. Mr. Richard works directly with Simoniz senior staff and CEO, William Gorra.

Together they have laid out a strategy to build on Simoniz’s impressive growth curve while maximizing value to the retail carwash community. 

Hank became involved in the Carwash Industry in 1998 with the founding of Car Wash Technologies(CWT), an industry leading multi-line car wash equipment and supply distribution company. CWT has been recognized nationally four times (2004, 2007, 2008, 2009) by INC. Magazine as one of the fastest growing privately held companies in the U.S. and CWT has been ranked as high as 41st in Pittsburgh’s ranking of privately held companies.  CWT was acquired in December of 2010 as one of building blocks in the foundation of NCS, L.P..  NCS grew to establish relationships with over 30 manufacturers and serviced clients in 12 states.

Co-founder, President and CEO, of National Carwash Solutions, LP (NCS) from December 2010 until July of 2014.  National Car Wash Solutions was a regional service organization that focused its efforts on retailers in the carwash industry. NCS was sold in July of 2014 to Ryko Solutions LLC.  NCS experienced average annual growth in excess of 25% annually with total annual sales of $15 MM in 2013.  Upon its sale in 2014 NCS was on track to hit annual sales of $18MM.  NCS was recognized by INC magazine as one of the nation’s fastest growing privately held companies in 2014, #415.  This made Mr. Richard a five-time award winning CEO from two separate companies.  Placing him in a very exclusive group of INC Magazine honorees.

Over the last 25 years Hank has consulted with many leading petroleum retailers and real estate investment groups regarding site selection, operations optimization and business and sales development.  The list of past clients includes Amoco Oil, Sunoco Oil, Sheetz, Giant Eagle and numerous multi site operators and Distributors.  Hank has been instrumental in orchestrating several land development opportunities for investors and private equity groups including various retail car washes, retail shopping centers and Quick Serve Restaurants.

Hank has been long recognized as an industry thought leader. He has presented and spoke at numerous ICA events and hosted numerous roundtables. In 2010 he was nominated and in January of 2011 elected to the Board of Directors of the International Car Wash Association.  He served as the Board’s Vendor Vice President from 2012-2014. His term on the Board expired in 2014 with the sale of NCS.  Mr. Richard has owned and operated as many as 7 retail carwashes and is still involved in several washes in the Western Pennsylvania and Northeast Ohio markets with various partnership arrangements.

Hank is very involved in the Northern Pittsburgh suburb of Mars, PA where he lives with his wife and four daughters. He has served as President and or Board Member of many athletic and civic organizations including Mars Area Soccer Club, Oakland Catholic High School Boosters, Make a Wish Foundation, Kent State University Alumni Board, PA West Soccer, West District Board.

Co-founder, President and CEO, of National Carwash Solutions, LP

Vice President and Board Member of the International Car Wash Association

Founder, President , and CEO, Car Wash Technologies, L.P.

Founder, President and CEO , Phoenix Carwash Consultants, LLC

BA History, Business Management minor, Kent State University, 1987

Ohio Army National Guard 1984-1990 Honorable Discharge, rank of Staff Seargent(E-6) Distinguished Honor Graduate Primary Leadership Development Course US Army.


John Kelliher 

Midwest Sales Manager/Vehicle Wash

John Kelliher is in his 38th year of employment with Simoniz USA. He started as a sales/service representative in eastern Massachusetts in 1981 for then Syndet Products with no knowledge of the car wash industry. He worked in this region for 5 years developing sales in the car wash and fleet maintenance markets. In 1986 John moved to the home office in Bolton, CT and began to work on national accounts. His duties involved working with distribution and directly with multi-site car wash operators. At that time John was the only sales representative traveling beyond the northeast. He continued in this role and in 1997 Simoniz hired the first sales representative outside the northeast. John and Simoniz continued to develop business and recruit reps nationally. Over the past 20 years between a series of acquisitions and the congoing effort to source more field representatives Simoniz now has over 50 sales personnel serving the commercial vehicle wash market. This sales force is

backed by our plant in Bolton, CT our main warehouse in Rocky Hill, CT along with 7 regional warehouse logistic centers and their supporting staffs.John is most proud of the years he has been part of the Simoniz team. From his start in eastern Massachusetts to his role in helping to develop and grow national vehicle wash sales John has witnessed Simoniz’ growth from a regional supplier to the largest single supplier of wash solution products in the country.

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