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In just three days, you can go from a run-of-the-mill trainee to a certified technician from Simoniz University. Our Chemical Training For Operators is the most comprehensive car wash training program currently available. Through this program, you’ll learn all about important car wash chemicals, car wash equipment, and chemical safety, and you’ll gain an extensive expertise in each individual chemical manufacturer to ensure that you’re always well-aware of the industry standard.



After complimentary pickup from your hotel, you’ll spend much of the day focusing on the different car wash chemicals, chemical safety, tools for testing water, including pH kits, titration kits, water hardness kits, etc., and basic car wash best practices. All followed by a return back to your hotel and a group dinner.

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Your final day of our comprehensive car wash training program brings you directly from your hotel to participate in an extensive tour of the Bolton Plant, where you’ll see just how car wash chemistry is manufactured. From there, you’ll travel again to a functioning car wash, and you’ll observe real operators and technicians in action. In addition, we’ll recap the whole course, and you’ll be on your flight back home by noon!



The following day, the car wash training course will focus on basic car wash chemistry and the 5 variables of cleaning that can affect your price margin. You’ll learn how to quickly calculate cost per car and how the barrel marking method differs from volumetric information. From there, you’ll learn all about different chemistry, including presoaks, tire and wheel cleaners, foaming and lubricating applications, polishes, and more. Following the chemistry course, you’ll find yourself immersed in the car wash tunnel, where you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the inner workings, functions, and features of a car wash. Your day will end with a return back to your hotel and a group dinner.

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Training Course Pricing

For all existing customers, Simoniz University training is completely free if you qualify. To qualify, you must have a business account set up with Simoniz and purchased chemistry within the last year.  Please fill out registration form and a representative from Simoniz University will contact you to verify account information.


If you are not a customer and looking to sign up, the fee is $500 per person. Please fill out the registration form and a representative from the Simoniz University will contact you for payment.

*You will be responsible for travel arrangements and accommodations, click on our travel and accommodations tab. 


*Simoniz will provide lunch, dinner and all transportation from hotel to Simoniz University and tours.

Any questions or concerns, please contact us

Why Take Our Car Wash Training Course?

When you choose to take our course, not only will you gain a comprehensive knowledge of modern car washing and detailing, but you’ll also be taking a step towards gaining the credentials you need to successfully perform all services, market them, and develop and sustain a loyal customer base who trusts your team, your abilities, and your business.

If you’re ready to take advantage of everything that Simoniz University has to offer, click here to reserve your spot today! 


Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) we are currently closed for our March, April and May classes.  Please subscribe now to receive the latest information.

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